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Detailed statistical data in table form is availabile for all four IP rights:

The statistics page on patents now also includes a new analysis of the IPC classes with the most applications for each German Land.

Annual statistics

Detailed annual statistics are published every year in the March issue of the journal "Blatt für Patent-, Muster- und Zeichenwesen" (Blatt für PMZ), published by Carl Heymanns Verlag.

Notice on the method for establishing the statistics

The annual statistics 2015 has been compiled for the IP rights patents, utility models, trade marks and registered designs with the dynamic statistics system called DPMAstatistik. Due to the dynamic character, the figures can change over time - depending on the respective date of retrieval, for example, when a legal status change has a retrospective effect.

The annual statistics 2015 have the status of March 2016.

Statistics of national and international IP offices

If you require data of other national or international IP offices for your statistical analyses, you should visit the respective websites. In addition, the annual reports of the major IP offices are available in our library.

Statistical analyses

Our free database services of DPMAregister and DEPATISnet might be suitable for your individual statistical analyses. For example, you can perform searches using the name fields (applicant, owner or inventor) or searches by postal codes to limit your query to a certain region. For complex queries, it is advisable to use the Expert mode.

If you require assistance regarding searches, the payable Assisted search might be useful. The patent information centres, too, will be able to help you with your searches.

The staff of our database service hotline will be pleased to answer your questions concerning our database services. Please send an e-mail to or contact them by phone on + 49 89/2195-3435.

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